Mahbub and Co Ltd.   trading as   Mahbub & Co. Registered in England and Wales.   Company No: 07576332.

In the accountancy world, every business needs to prepare their complete accounts for HMRC and Companies House one year at a time. The 'year end' refers to the day that your company's financial period ends.

If you're a sole trader, we recommend setting your year end at April 5th - to match the end of the tax year. This avoids confusion with HMRC!

If you run your business through a limited company, then Companies House will set your year end as a year after the end of the month in which you created the company.

We'll file all your accounts, there's just a couple of things you'll need to get together for us.

  • Your sales invoices or details of your sales.
  • Find all the paperwork for your purchases and expenses.
  • Gather your business bank statements for the year.

Once you have rounded up all the necessary paperwork, and then sent it to us, we'll take care of the hard bit. You'll save hours of your precious time and be able to focus on running your own business.

We're more than happy to help you gather the correct documents and prepare all your year end accounts, ready for submission to HMRC and Companies House.

Our goal is to make the peocess easy and simple for you. The process goes as follows:

  • Our accounting pros do the bookkeeping to ensure its raring and ready to go.
  • We then crunch all the necessary figures.
  • Turn these figures into a full set of accounts.
  • Follow with a very thorough checking (and no, there's no such thing as being 'too thorough' in our eyes)
  • Produce the tax return.
  • Send it over to you to check and sign off.
  • Submit everything to HMRC and Companies House for you.

Oh, and we help make sure you dodge any of those pesky penalties. Taxes can be daunting to think about. So, we make the process easy.