Mahbub and Co Ltd.   trading as   Mahbub & Co. Registered in England and Wales.   Company No: 07576332.

Expert technical tax knowledge and experience as well as sound advice can make a substantial difference to your eventual tax liability.

We have a detailed understanding of UK and EU VAT and can provide you with a comprehensive range of advisory and compliance services including:

  • VAT Advice and support.
  • International VAT advice and guidance.
  • VAT Registration and Deregistration.
  • Assistance with VAT Compliance.
  • Preparation of Intrastat, VIES and VAT Returns.
  • Assistance with VAT Inspections, Investigations and Appeals.
  • Revenue Audit Support.
  • VAT on Property Transactions expertise.

Please contact us if you have been selected for an Audit or an e-Audit Intervention or if you have received an Aspect Query from Revenue or a Letter requesting the review of a specific query. We can also assist you in relation to Self Correction, Unprompted Qualifying Disclosures as well as Prompted Qualifying Disclosures.

Over the past years, our clients would agree that the majority of our audits have been settled with minimal disruption to their business, without publication on the Defaulters' List and on reasonable and acceptable terms.